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June 19th, 2015

Strawberry Pudding

My sister visited from California last week, so one day we went to the city. It was one of those perfect New York days. The sun was mostly shining, the weather was warm, and the stench of sidewalk trash had yet to set in. We didn’t really have a plan, no dinner reservations to catch, […]

May 14th, 2009


All popovers are not created equal. Awhile back I made a recipe for oatmeal popovers by Marion Cunningham, whom I normally adore. With finely ground oatmeal, and a dollop of orange marmalade baked in the bottom, they sounded superb. Well, turns out they weren’t. They never really puffed (or popped as it may be), and […]

We all know that Dr. Pavlov, with his multitudes of salivating mutts, has very little to do with a sweet Pavlova dessert, besides a similarity in surnames…but this dessert was so scrumptios it had me salivating, bells or not! The Pavlova is one of those desserts that is only read about in novels set in […]

July 5th, 2006


One of my earliest “cooking” memories is making popsicles with my mother. Mom had this set of popsicles moulds, nothing special, just empty, oblong shaped moulds, each with a brightly colored, reusable popsicle stick. Intended for children, they even had cut-outs of circus animals emblazoned on the stick. We never made outrageous frozen treats– simply […]

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